Privacy Policy

Here at Star Accounts we take your details and security extremely seriously and will not share or distribute your details to any 3rd parties.  Any information you supply regarding your project or account will be treated confidentially.


Terms of Service

All orders are carried out with based on the order confirmation which will outline the contract between us ‘Star Accounts’ and you ‘the client’which will be emailed to your specified email address or posted upon request.  The order confirmation will outline the service we are providing, the cost, anticipated completion date and any other information directly relating to the order.  If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality or work provided, or there is a problem with the order we offer an unlimited resolution time, meaning we will work on and adjustments until you are happy, failing this we have a no quibble cancellation policy as we are confident our service will be beneficial to all our clients.  Any cancellation must be made in writing to info@star-accounts.com.  Upon completion of the work you will be invoiced for the work carried out and payment will be required typically within 14 days.


Delivery Policy

All services or any deliveries will be carried out within 48 hours, thus will receive any goods or service within 5 working days. In the unexpected event that there is a delay in your order, you will be notified however please remember no payment is made until we complete the order.


Refund / Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations will need to be made in writing or emailed to info@star-accounts.com. Upon receiving your cancelation, a response will be issued within 48 hours. All refunds will be processed within 5 working days.


Payment Terms

As we offer Business to Business services, we understand the importance of cash flow thus will allow our customers to pay on an account basis after the service has been provided.  Upon completion of the work, we will issue you with an invoice and a request for payment.  The exact payment terms can be arranged when your order is placed.  Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or Credit or Debit Card.  Should you wish to make payment by debit or credit card, your details will not be stored and will be treated securely in line with industry standards.